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Why is it Important to Follow accurate Movements and Timing When Learning Dance?

When learning dance, following exact movements and timing is crucial. There are two primary reasons for this.

The first reason is that dance embodies the meaning of legacy. Today, we live in an era where we can preserve the original form of dance through various video platforms. However, in the past, there were no such technological benefits. The only way to maintain the form and spirit of a dance was through precise movements and timing. This tradition has continued to this day, and it goes beyond simply repeating movements; it means conveying the history, culture, and intentions and emotions of those who created the dance.

Maintaining exact movements and timing is not just about increasing technical proficiency but also about preserving the essence and identity of the dance. Each dance has its unique rhythm and flow, and understanding and expressing these accurately is a critical part of learning the dance. This helps maintain the intrinsic beauty of the dance while respecting the cultural heritage of its creators.

The second reason is that our muscles remember movements once they are used. When we repeatedly perform specific movements, our muscles learn and memorize these movements unconsciously. This muscle memory helps the body move similarly the next time it performs similar actions. If you practice precise movements, the aesthetic beauty and efficiency of those movements are maintained, enhancing both the technical excellence and artistic expression of the dance. Mastering one movement accurately positively impacts other derived movements, ensuring the body remembers and replicates the correct movements consistently.

Conversely, if the body learns and performs a movement inaccurately, this incorrect movement pattern is likely to carry over to similar movements, reinforcing incorrect muscle usage and hindering overall dance skill improvement. Therefore, practicing precise movements from the beginning and ingraining them in the body plays a significant role in enhancing dance skills.

-Dance research by MIN

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