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  • Q) When do classes take place?
    A) Kpopinlondonmin is currently holding classes on all days except Tuesday. Monday: Rookie K-pop Dance class (Regular) 7:00pm Tuesday: No Classes Wednesday: K-pop Dance classes 7:00pm / 8:30pm (Regular) Thursday: Throw-back K-pop Dance Classes 7:00pm (Regular) Friday: K-pop Dance Classes 7:00pm / 8:30pm (Regular) Saturday: K-Studio Dance Classes / Lyrical Dance Classes / Foundation Course Dance Classes (Not regular/Check the schedule) Sunday: K-Pop-up (Not regular/Check the schedule) Classes other than regular may sometimes not have weekly schedules, so please check the schedule.
  • Q) What is part 1/part 2 on the schedule?
    A) Sometimes K-pop choreography is so difficult that it is difficult for students to learn a long length in 1 hour. Because of this situation, we teach the length by dividing it into part 1 and part 2 to ensure that everyone can master K-pop choreography. Additionally, when there are two different chorus parts in a choreography, we use part1 and part2 to distinguish them. Parts of the choreography are uploaded every week on Instagram and you can check them out.
  • Q) How much are classes?
    A) K-pop Dance classes are £16 per class. (Class Passes £14) Danceworks Studio K-pop Classes are £14 a class. Online Classes are £12 per class. - You can get discount with code depend on our events on Bookwhen booking. (6TH ANNIVERSARY BUNDLE(OVER 5 CLASSES) EVENT: 10%OFF (SEP29-OCT31) -Danceworks also offers, student discounts (please contact them about it), and class packages where you can buy 5,10 and 20 classes all at once.
  • Q) Are there waitlists?
    A) For studio, online and lyrical K-pop dance classes, when they sell out we do have waiting lists that you can join to try and secure a place. If you are on the waiting list, you will be contacted when your turn is available.
  • Q) Are dance classes beginner friendly?
    Yes, every move is broken down so you can easily pick it up, and then moves are reviewed and practiced multiple times, so that you can perfect it. However, if you have never danced before or are very beginner, we have a beginner-focused class called ROOKIE K- POPCLASS every Monday. You can build your K-pop dance foundation and confidence in these classes. All teachers will do their best to help beginners improve for you dance life. If you can follow the K-pop dance and have some basic dance skills, you can participate in all classes. However, depending on the difficulty of the K-pop choreographies, some classes can be challenging. Navertheless, You must know that challenging is always beautiful. Challenging represents growth and improvement. It's okay to struggle and make mistakes along the way, as long as you keep pushing yourself and learning from them. Our classes are designed to challenge you and help you become a better dancer. So don't be discouraged if you find some choreography difficult at first. With practice and determination, you'll be able to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Remember, the journey of becoming a skilled dancer is just as important as the destination. Embrace the challenges, and enjoy the beauty of the process.
  • Q) Where do dance classes take place?
    A) Currently we use four different studios based in London. 1. Danceworks studio - Regular K-pop Dance Class [16 Balderton St, London W1K 6TN] 2. St Marylebone School - Rookie K-pop Dance Classes / Throw-back K-Pop Dance Classes. [64 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5BA] 2. E&C Gym Box Studio - Lyrical K-pop Dance Classes / K-Studio Dance classes / Pop-Up K-pop Dance Classes. [38 New Kent Rd, Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6TJ] 4. The Castle Centre - Workshop / Foundation Course / ETC [2 St Gabriel Walk, London SE1 6FG] The location may change depending on the situation, so please check the location when booking a dance class.
  • Q) How do I book?
    There are two booking systems in Kpopinlondonmin. First, classes at all studios other than Danceworks can be booked through BOOKWHEN SYSTEM. After clicking booking on the website, click [GO TO BOOK] in the [ROOKIE, THROW-BACK, K-STUDIO, LYRICAL, FOUNDATION AND OTHER CLASS BOOKING] section to move to the booting site. You can easily make a reservation after going to the booking site. Second, Danceworks regular classes are K-pop classes assigned to Danceworks' regular schedule, so you must use Danceworks' booking system. After clicking booking on the website, click [GO TO BOOK] in the [REGULAR K-POP CLASS AT DANCEWORKS BOOKING] section to be taken to the booting site. After moving to the site, you can make a reservation by following Danceworks' instructions.
  • Q) How do I get the videos filmed in class?
    You can take your video freely in the class. If you couldn't take your video, it is okay. Teachers will always take class videos. If you want to get the class videos. At the end of class, please go to a teacher to give your number to be added to a group chat where all videos are sent. If you aren't able to do this, please DM us your number on Instagram so you can be added to the group chat.
  • Q) How do Kpopinlondonmin's K-pop dance classes work?
    A) As the instructor, Kpopinlondonmin designs lesson plans that cater to students of various skill levels, ensuring that both beginners and advanced learners can benefit from the classes. They create a curriculum that covers basic dance techniques, body movements, and K-pop-specific dance styles. Kpopinlondonmin carefully selects popular K-pop songs and choreographies that are trending in the industry and incorporate them into the classes. They teach students how to mimic the dance moves of their favorite K-pop idols, breaking down the routines step-by-step to make them more accessible to students. During classes, Kpopinlondonmin offers personalized attention and guidance to students, correcting their posture, technique, and timing to help them improve their dance skills. They also provide constructive feedback and encouragement to motivate students to practice and enhance their abilities. In addition to teaching dance steps, Kpopinlondonmin educates students about the cultural context and significance of K-pop, sharing insights into the history and evolution of the genre. They may also teach students about the Korean language and introduce them to popular K-pop terminology. Kpopinlondonmin may organize special events or performances to showcase the progress and talent of their students. This can include dance showcases, flash mobs, or participation in K-pop competitions or festivals. Overall, Kpopinlondonmin is dedicated to creating a fun and engaging learning environment for K-pop enthusiasts in London. They strive to instill a love for K-pop and help students develop confidence and skills in K-pop dance through their classes at kpopinlondonmin.
  • Q) What should I bring/wear to class?
    A) We strongly recommend that you bring water to class to help you stay hydrated. We also suggest wearing comfortable clothes, and shoes and potential bringing knee pads for some routines involving floorwork.
  • Q) Can I attend Part 2 if I haven't attended Part 1 of a song?
    A) It is possible. Most of the time, Part 1 and Part 2 are taught separately. If you are connected, you can also learn part 1 in part 2 class. (However, the teaching speed may be faster than when teaching part 1)
  • Q) How can I join the Kpopinlondonmin Teaching/Performing Team?
    Anually, through our auditions and workshops, we aim to discover talented individuals who have a genuine passion for dancing and teaching. We understand the importance of talent and dedication in building a successful career in the K-pop industry. By joining our team, you will be surrounded by like-minded professionals who are equally passionate about K-pop and its cultural impact. We believe in creating a supportive environment where trainees can flourish and develop their skills. Additionally, our team actively participates in various K-pop-related cultural activities. This provides our trainees with opportunities to showcase their talents, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable experience in the field. If you are interested in joining our team, please stay updated with our schedule through announcements on our Instagram page. We look forward to discovering and nurturing the next generation of talented dancers and teachers.
  • Q) Is there an age limit for classes?
    A) It depends on the studio’s policy. Danceworks Policy: No Age Limit St Maryleybone Studio: No Age Limit The Castle Center: No Age Limit E&C Gym Box Studio: Age Limit under 16 There is no age limit for most classes, but depending on the difficulty of the K-pop dance, it may be difficult for children under 13 to follow the choreography. If your child has no dancing experience, we recommend the Rookie Class (Beginner Class).
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