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[Customizing K-pop Dance Class Details]: Creat your favourite songs' Kpop Dance classes🌟

Updated: Jan 5

Customizing Kpop dance classes Booking

Didn't find your preferred songs or artists on our schedule? No problem! Customising Kpop dance class is here for you. Join the customising group with others who adore the same tunes and create your own custom dance classes. Be part of a community where your music choices lead the way, and dance to the beat of your favourite hits.

  • Join and Pay Later: Select your favorite K-pop artist first which you want to learn about and book to join the class group. Payment is only required after finalizing to make the schedule for you group. Embrace the freedom to choose with no upfront costs!

  • Creating a Customization Group: Once we reach a minimum of 15 enthusiastic students on a booking group, you'll receive an individual email invitation to join our exclusive class group chat.

  • Song and Choreography Selection: Collaborate and connect! Once your group is formed, engage in a democratic song selection process. Suggest, discuss, and vote to pick the top four hits from your chosen artist.

  • Month-Long Customized Classes: Dive into a month of personalized dance classes, tailored to the songs and choreographic segments chosen by your group. (The class start date is decided upon discussion within Group Chat./The location of the dance studio may be selected at a different location depending on the date.)

The customization of this class begins once 15 class buddies are reached. Once pre-booking is complete, you will be invited to the [Your favorite artist Customising] group chat via email. Subsequently, you can select the songs you want through a vote. Then, you will select four songs to learn over four weeks.

How To Book The Slot (for customizing kpop dance classes)

Customizing Kpop dance classes Booking
Customizing Kpop dance classes Booking

Customizing Kpop dance classes Booking
Customizing Kpop dance classes Booking

Special Group Bundle Discount: Enroll in the first custom group and enjoy an exclusive offer of just £13 per class for a comprehensive 4-class course. That's a total of only £52 for the entire series! Standard rates apply for subsequent bookings, so seize this opportunity to save while you dance. Once all customizations are complete, you will proceed with the final booking at a discounted price. Then, the class you customized will be listed on our class schedule. (Walk-in bookings that are not part of the customization group will not receive the discounted price./Class passes aren't valid for customizing group discounts.)

After the songs are selected, the start date will be determined based on the group's opinion and the studio's availability. "The class day is set, yet the exact time is tailored during the customization process. Typically, we opt for post-7 PM slots on weekdays and afternoons on weekends, ensuring a schedule that best fits the group's preferences."

Should the slots for your booking group be fully occupied, you're still welcome to join the class using the standard booking method. However, please note that you won't be able to partake in the group customization process, and the discount associated with group customization will not be applicable.

Discover the Unique Advantages of Our Customizing K-pop Dance Class

Apart from (Choose Your song and choreography)

  • Connect with Like-Minded K-pop Enthusiasts:Share your passion, exchange information, and enjoy the camaraderie of people who love the same music as you.

  • Direct Communication with Instructors: Engage in direct, meaningful conversations with your instructors via group chat. This open line of communication makes it easy for you to express your preferences and get the most out of each session.

  • Suggest and Learn Complex Steps or Techniques: Have a say in the curriculum by recommending challenging steps or techniques you're keen to learn. Your input directly influences the class, making each session truly tailored to your dance aspirations.

Ready to dance your favorite? Join our Customizing K-pop Dance Class now and let's bring your favorite songs to your dance life together. Connect with fellow K-pop fans, learn from the best, and enjoy every step of the journey. It's your time to shine, so grab this chance to make your K-pop passion a reality. See you in the dance studio!

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