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【Contemporary Foundation: Details】 Course3: Join the Creative Performing Process

Updated: Jan 5

 This course contains the preparation performing show process at the end of the semester, one of the courses of the dance university. You can learn a lot in the process of repeating and digging one choreography by using the ability you have, and you can also embody the quality of movement as your own in the process of striving for the importance of the results as well as the importance of the process. 

The overall choreography is modified by the instructor MIN, but the basic framework of the choreography aims to be created by everyone.

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[Contemporary foundation]

Week 1: Choreography Concept and Intention Setting

In the first week, we delve into the heart of your performance. Understanding and clearly defining the intentions behind your choreography is crucial. We will guide you through translating these intentions into the language of dance, ensuring every movement and gesture communicates your artistic vision.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Gestural Movement Methods: Learn the art of conveying stories and emotions through precise, expressive gestures. We'll explore how subtle changes in movement can dramatically alter the meaning and impact of your dance.

  • Abstract Image Expression: Dive into the techniques of abstract storytelling. Discover how to use your body to create vivid, interpretable images that captivate the audience's imagination and evoke deep responses.

  • Emotional Dynamics and Delivery: Master the skill of channeling and projecting your emotions into your movements. Understand how to harness your feelings to enhance the expressive quality of your dance, creating a powerful, empathetic connection with your audience.

Week 2: Choreographic Development and Group Collaboration

In Week 2, you'll harness the choreographic methods introduced by Min to create and refine movements. Under the instructor's guidance, you and your group will work together to develop sequences, movements, and formations that contribute to the overall piece.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding Choreography: Gain deeper insight into the structure and flow of dance compositions. Learn how to interpret and implement Min's choreographic methods to enhance your own movement vocabulary.

  • Storyline Formation: Discover the art of storytelling through dance. We'll focus on how to build a compelling narrative within your choreography, ensuring that each movement contributes to the unfolding story.

  • Group Dance Dynamics: Explore the complexities and beauty of dancing in unison. Understand the principles of group dynamics, spacing, and timing, and learn how to synchronize with others to create a cohesive and harmonious performance.

Week 3: Choreography Finalization and Timing Mastery

In Week 3, we complete the creation of our choreography, hand-in-hand with the selection of the perfect music. You and your group will practice together to master the precise counts and timing, ensuring a seamless fusion of dance and melody. The choreography will be approximately one minute long, with the music edited to align with and enhance your movements.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Embodying Movement: This is about more than just memorizing steps; it's about making the dance a part of you. You'll learn techniques to internalize the choreography, so it feels natural and expressive.

  • Applying Texture Methods: Building on what you've learned, you'll apply texture methods to add depth and complexity to your performance. This involves varying the dynamics, speed, and quality of your movements to create a more visually captivating and emotionally resonant piece.

Week 4: Final Rehearsal and Performance Showcase filming

The group engages in a final rehearsal, dedicating time to refine the last details to perfection. Additionally, there will be a session for each team to perform their pieces and a designated time for filming these performances.

Embark on an unparalleled dance experience with our meticulously crafted course. Each week brings you closer to mastering the artistry of choreography, deepening your expressive skills, and collaborating to create something truly unique. Don't miss the chance to transform your dance, connect with like-minded peers, and be guided by expert instructors.

Title: Contemporary foundation course

Date: Jan 20 27 Feb 30 10 / 2024

Location: The Castle centre or E&C Gymbox Studio

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Teacher: Min

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