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Changes are coming to our Lyrical Dance Classes in 2024. 

Updated: Jan 5

Lyrical Kpop dance classes

Firstly, while previously our lyrical classes were exclusively set to K-pop music, we will now offer two distinct streams:

1. K-pop Lyrical Class: Continuing the tradition of our original Lyrical class, you can learn choreography set to K-pop tunes. This will be indicated as 【K-Lyrical】 on the booking site.

2. Pop Lyrical Class: This new addition will focus on songs with English lyrics and will cover a broader range of dance styles, including contemporary, jazz, and urban choreography. Look for this option as 【P-Lyrical】 on the booking site.

In our lyrical dance classes, grasping the meaning behind the lyrics is fundamental to our methodology. This understanding enriches your performance, enabling you to weave complex emotions and narratives into every movement and step. In K-pop, it's common to dance to the beat without fully comprehending the words. However, our [Pop Lyrical class] bridges this gap, enhancing your ability to express through movement by deeply connecting with the lyrics and their intent. Moreover, pairing dance with familiar tunes heightens the pleasure and engagement of the experience.

Secondly, if you see (Online available) indicated on the booking site, it means the class will be live-streamed, and you can book it as an online class.

Thirdly, once you've mastered the choreography, we will strive to capture high-quality videos using professional equipment like cameras and gimbals. After the class, you can download these top-quality videos via WeTransfer.

As we step into 2024, enjoy the rhythm of change and the dance of innovation in our lyrical classes. Your journey into the art of expression awaits!

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