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[Customizing K-pop Class] Update information

For [Customizing - Favorite Artist’s Choreographies], I want  to share some updates:

1. Our [Customizing Class] artist lineup refreshes every month.

2. At each month's end, we suggest artists for the Customizing class alongside our regular song recommendations.

3. We craft the artist lineup from your suggestions and the latest trends.

4. Booking is available for two weeks. Song selection begins once we hit a minimum of 15 participants.

5. Confirmed Customizing classes will be scheduled for the subsequent month.

Before you book, keep in mind:

- Please check your schedule to ensure the class days for the coming month work for you before booking. Eg. Ateez Customizing Classes- (Wed slot:April)

- Book if you're keen on any song by the featured artist. These classes allow you to learn unique songs not found in a regular schedule.

- You will make payments before starting the voting and customization process.

- The customizing group will get a discount and are invoiced differently than regular bookings.

- Once customized, these classes open for general booking in the next month’s schedule. (Pass available)

- Should we not meet the participant minimum, we encourage you to try again next time.

From now on - This class is divided into two categories:

The first is [Customizing - Favorite Artist’s Choreographies], where you can learn various choreography from an artist you are interested in.

[Customizing Class Process: Favorite Artist’s Choreographies]

"Join a unique dance class composed solely of your favorite artist's tracks! Choose the artist you love, and through the customization process, create your very own class. Meet new friends in a community sharing the same tastes, and experience joy and growth in a class made by your choices, for you!"

1. Artist Selection

   - Early week of Each Month: Artists for next month's class are chosen based on trends and participant recommendations. [The artist lineup changes at the beginning of each month.]

2. Booking and Group Formation

   - Two-Week Pre-Booking Period: Choose your artist on Customizing Booking page without immediate payment.

   - Completion with 15+ Members: Forming the Group with payment and group chat setup.

3. Customization Process

   - End of Week 2: Group votes on songs for the class.

   - Week 3: Finalize song choices and schedule. Days and times pre-set.

4. Class Starts

   - Next Month: Classes begin with selected songs. New artist selection process for the following month starts.

The second is [Customizing - Favorite One Whole Song], where you can learn the entire choreography of your favorite song, but it is still planning to come now. I want to share the information about this first.

[Customizing - Favorite One Whole Song]

"Seize the opportunity to learn the full choreography of the song you've always wanted to master in the customizing class! Discover new aspects of the routines you've been practicing. Create your own class with your choices, and experience the joy and growth that comes from it!"

1. Song Selection: In the middle of each month, the selected song for the next customizing class will be chosen based on trends and your recommendations. [The songs lineup changes each month.]

2. Booking & Group Formation: Pre-book your spot for 2 weeks. Once we hit 15 members, payment is processed, and a group chat is formed.

3. Customization Process: By week 3, we finalize the class schedule based on studio availability.

4. Class Begins: Next month, dive into learning the full choreography of the chosen song. The selection process for the following month's song begins anew.

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