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【K-Pop Foundation: Details】 Course1: Essential training for K-pop [Understanding Your Movements]

Updated: Jan 5

Many aspire to master the K-pop dance, seeking ways to enhance their dance and elevate the quality of their movements. If you're eager to delve deeper and refine your dance skills, this class is designed for you. Experience a curriculum akin to a university-level dance major course, led by Min, an instructor for dance majors at a university. Embrace the transformative journey and elevate your dance quality, just like those who have pursued it professionally.

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Over the four-week class curriculum, you'll embark on a comprehensive journey into K-pop foundation (Course 1) :

1. Basic K-pop Dance Training: Begin by understanding and refining your movements to lay a solid foundation for more advanced techniques.

2. Mastering the Counts: Delve into the skills of rhythm and timing, essential for synchronizing your movements with the music.

3. Memorization Practice: Employ strategies and exercises designed to help you better remember choreography.

4. Understanding K-pop Movement Styles:

K-pop is composed of a diverse array of styles, encompassing masculine and feminine choreography as well as various genres. In this course, we will explore the characteristics of masculine and feminine choreography and delve into the diversity of genres such as hip-hop and contemporary.

5. Learning 20 Basic K-pop Steps: Internalize twenty fundamental steps that are the building blocks of K-pop choreography.

6. Mastering 12 Basic K-pop Dance Movements: Embrace and embody twelve essential dance movements that are central to K-pop's dynamic performances.

This curriculum is crafted to transform your understanding and execution of K-pop dance, whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills.

This K-pop foundation is not just a learning experience; it's a transformative journey into the heart of K-pop dance. Under the expert guidance of Min, a university-level dance instructor, you'll traverse a curriculum designed to elevate your dance skills to professional standards. From mastering the basic steps and movements to understanding the diverse styles within K-pop, every session is a step toward excellence. Whether you're a novice or an experienced dancer seeking refinement, this course offers the tools and community to support your aspirations. Commit to this four-week adventure and emerge with a deeper mastery and appreciation for K-pop dance. Join us and turn your passion into prowess!

Date: Feb 17 24 Mar 2 9 / 2024

Location: The Castle centre or E&C Gymbox Studio

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Teacher: Min

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